About Us

AE Operations specializes in water and wastewater infrastructure for industrial facilities and municipalities. We optimize systems, provide support staff, and offer operational services.

Bringing together Optimization, Operation Expertise, and Reliable Service

AE Operations provides operation services of water, wastewater, and produced water infrastructure for industrial and municipal clients. Our team includes licensed operators, treatment experts, regulatory and compliance experts, programmers, and other specialized personnel who can assist you in reaching the optimal performance of your facility or system.

Experience & Expertise

Our team members are deployed in several water and wastewater facilities, primarily in the Bakken. Our licensed operators are bridging the gap for municipal facilities, operating freshwater and produced water pipeline systems for oil production, and serving as the go-to experts for packaged treatment systems.

For more information on how AE Operations can assist you, please contact Andrea Boe, Business Development Director at (701) 746-8087

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Contact us today to find out how AE Operations can fill the gap in staffing, optimize your industrial or municipal facilities systems to be most efficient in product and cost, or about our operation services of water and wastewater systems.